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Hello and Welcome to KC's Website! 

Weekly visits to my grandparents'  farms helped form my respect for the ingenuity of the earlier generations who
created the many items used on the farm and in their homes. 

 During my "empty nest" years, many Sunday afternoons were filled with antique shops and open markets visits. 

This led to my special interest in signed/unsigned vintage jewelry. 




ITEM#:  D 08   MARY JANE GROWING UP in the USA DOLL               Posted:  1/28/15

ITEM#:  D 09   NURSERY RHYME BABY DOLLS               Posted:  1/28/15  

ITEM#: JK 697   Blue Sapphire Ring                Posted:  1/14/15

ITEM#: JK 698   Green Emerald Ring               Posted:  1/14/15        




In addition to this website, I also have a booth at the 'Gild the Lily' in downtown Wapakoneta located at
102 E Auglaize Street.
Those in west central Ohio are in for
an antiquing treat, stop by.

For current business hours, call 419-738-2220.



I hope you will enjoy seeing that jewelry presented here for you, along
with newer, trendy, and unusual pieces. 

Other interesting collectible items will also be posted.



At home enjoyment ... this picture is from the hunt for fun and interesting pieces on my buying trips. Hope you will like them, too!

Sometimes I get a little behind with cataloging and writing design descriptions.  I didn't go to kindergarten.  Must have missed out
on these first organizational skills.

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